Ian Whannel

Ian whannel is a blackmail victim of the British State. Since 2009 while a Political Prisoner Mr Whannel who's father is indirectly blackmailing Prince Charles who is also being blackmailed by several world powers including Ireland, Scot Nationalists, Israel, China, Germany and who knows who else. The non blackmailed Royals led by Prince William and the Queen (his Mother) have been, still are using Mr Whannel (as a victim of Charle's blackmailed status) to impose National security powers that allow her (the Queen) to fix elections and Referendums any way she like in an effort to defeat the Blackmailers without taking the easy route by forcing Charles out. Obviously the blackmailers being cowards are not going to go after the Queen, instead they try and try again to take me out in an effort to get these N Security powers being used against them removed.

Buckingham Palace

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